African Water Utilities offers an array of water solution services to its clients; in particular the following services have been the key focus areas:

Laptop and mobile app

Smart Water Solutions

Our Smart Water Solutions allow our customers to take control of their water usage and monitoring needs. Our software system, connected to our smart water meters is designed to remove the hassle of water management by providing real-time water consumption data and access to leak and burst pipe alerts via a consumer engagement app.

Smart Infrastructure Security

Smart Infrastructure Security

We offer access management solutions specialized for utility applications across South Africa. Our solutions include applications for the locking of various manholes, equipment and water and sanitation infrastructure. Any location where the requirement is to control access in real-time, or where the value of the asset being protected justifies the deployment of such a system.

PRV Valve

Pressure Management

By installing Pressure Reduction Valves (PRVs) clients are able to achieve a more consistent water pressure while also increasing the lifespan of the water system. A lower and safer pressure can be achieved through this intervention for homes or the workplace.

meters and pipes

Water Meter Installation

AWU’s team of professionals will be able to supply and install smart and prepaid water meters depending on the client’s needs.

valves and pipes

Bulk Meter Replacements

When municipalities or developers need to upgrade or replace their main bulk meter, they call upon the expertise of AWU. Due to AWU’s experience in the field, have worked with several municipalities in South Africa to upgrade their water infrastructure to ensure a more efficient and effective water supply to municipal clients.

plumbing maintenance

Plumbing Maintenance

One of the core services at AWU is the plumbing maintenance work that takes place at residential and commercial clients. Installing, repairing and maintaining water and sewerage pipes and fittings and fixtures, leak detection, repairs are just some of the services rendered by the AWU team.

pressure flow graph

Pressure and Flow Logging

This solution ensures the efficient and accurate monitoring and subsequent evaluation of water supply systems for the customer. This is an important service offering to ensure acceptable levels of service to customers are maintained. Reports can provide insights into the total water and sewerage capacity of the network; zone pressures during specific periods and other conditions that may impact the water supply system.

infrastructure verification

Infrastructure Verification

Our teams have the skills and experience to provide infrastructure verification services. These include but are not limited to: infrastructure technical audits; lift cycle assessments; improvement of the operations and maintenance of smart water infrastructure and bulk water assessment.

Other Services Include:

  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Consulting
  • Project Managment
  • Water Loss Analysis
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