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African Water Utilities

African Water Utilities is a dynamic multi-disciplinary utility solutions company with its roots firmly planted in Southern Africa. African Water Utilities strives for excellence and to uplift communities through the implementation of leading infrastructural enhancements for the public and private sectors.

Established in 2016, due to the demand for more water resilient and efficient solutions for the municipal and private sector, African Water Utilities aims to provide full turnkey water solutions to all its clients.

A clear problem water authorities are facing today is the considerable difference Between the volume of produced water and the amount of water they can effectively bill to the consumer. This is referred to as Non-Revenue Water which is the basis for the Unaccounted-for-Water calculation which is further broken up into other segments.

AWU focuses heavily on the reduction of losses throughout the entire unaccounted for water calculation, whether it be reduction of losses through increased efficiency of the systems, losses due to misread metering assets, theft or the tracing of leakage. Our implementations serve to reduce the negative impact on financial resources and increase the efficiency of service delivery.

A sound knowledge and utilization of the latest technologies coupled with a strong work ethic ensures that the client will always receive the best value and return on investment.

We are always investigating new technologies that will allow us to enhance our offering and better serve our clients. AWU has positioned ourselves to become one of the leading client focused engineering firms specializing in the built environment.

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